Why Blog?

Blogging has been around for quite a while now. Journalist Justin Hall had a blog up and running as early as 1994.  Nearly 20 years later, I am starting my first blog. While I’ve never shied away from social media, the closest I’ve come to recording my thoughts online is my sporadic tweeting (or more accurately, ‘retweeting’ given the tiny amount of content I’ve actually generated myself). Why have I avoided this now-ubiquitous form of expression? Because I’ve never felt I had much to say. The minutia of other people’s daily lives never held much interest to me and I never assumed mine would for them. So I never blogged.

Why Now?

I recently had the pleasure of attending a workshop put on by MISA Toronto. (#misatoronto) The keynote speaker was George Couros, a school principal and prolific blogger. He spoke passionately about how important it was for educators to come together in online spaces to learn from each other. How we need to model the best use of social media for our colleagues and students. How it’s not enough to be a consumer of online content – we need educators to produce that content as well.


So here I am. I’m here to share my reflections and learning. I hope to hear from educators about their new projects, their best practices, their questions, and their discoveries.  So come share. Let’s be part of the conversation.

P.S. Thanks to Karen for helping me set this up…you’re so smrt.

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