How much do I love padlet?…

The answer is a whole heck of a lot. I was recently introduced to Padlet and I haven’t stopped using it since! Here’s why:

  • Collaboration – depending on the setting you choose, content can be posted on your Padlet wall and multiple students can comment on it. In the same way, students can collaborate on media and writing pieces by literally co-writing sections or providing descriptive feedback for their peers.
  • Availability – because Padlet is an online program, students can access their content from school, home, or anywhere else. Students can collaborate simultaneously or at different times.
  • Security – Padlet has various security settings that make it simple to work safely online with your students. Walls can be closed to all but the contributors or open to the world.
  • Media – entries on a Padlet wall can be linked to photos, videos, websites, or just about any file on your computer.  This allows students to express themselves using just about any type of media they can get their hands on.

As you can see, this site has great possibilities for elementary students. I’ve included a wall showing some of the basic connections my students made to the novel “Holes” as we read through the book. Since then we’ve used it in a wide variety of ways, from studying tools to peer-teaching media. Can’t wait to hear how you are using it…


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3 Responses to How much do I love padlet?…

  1. Hello I was wondering if you could help me. I have just signed up to use padlet which I plan to use on my new wordpress account for my primary school students, however I am having trouble getting it on my blog. How do you embed padlet onto a wordpress account??? From a fellow teacher across the pond, Rhiannon

  2. Hi Rhiannon! Unfortunately, you can’t embed Padlet pages on a site (you can on their professional site – that one requires paid hosting and your own design work). For that reason (and a few others) I use tumblr for my class blog and only use wordpress for my professional posting. If you haven’t started your wordpress blog yet, maybe you should check it out. You can see an example of mine at Good luck!

    • Hi Luke, that’s why it wasn’t working then- I wasn’t just being thick! I have had my blog for a few weeks now and the class have become slightly obsessed with it so can’t change it now unfortunately. Thanks for your help.
      Ps I love all the bits of your class blog, something for us to aspire to!

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