Reflecting on Connecting: Part 1

I’ve spent a couple of days reflecting on my experience at the Connect 2013 Conference this week. It was an intense two days of discussion, debate, heady ideas, and well, connecting.


While looking back on Twitter to help me capture the heart of my experience at the conference I came across one of my favourite tweets of the weekend:


Rodd Lucier (aka @thecleversheep and a fellow Londoner), was summarizing the words of Alec Couros, a keynote speaker on day one.  Alec spoke about how technology like YouTube can be a place where engaged individuals can find meaningful learning. More inportantly though, he pointed out that collaboration is what truly makes it meaningful. He asked us to consider why kids post the things they do, and what they get in return. Watching videos of kids asking for advice about anything from games to lighting campfires, and getting it from helpful strangers really demonstrated the point that we are experiencing a movement towards social, shared learning. Alec asked us to consider two questions when designing lessons for our students (and sharing our own learning): 1) How are you making your learning visible? (blog? YouTube? Twitter? Poster Board?) and 2) How are you sharing your learning? Alec challenged the educators amongst us to transform technology into a humanizing force by creating, sharing, connecting with others, and relating to those around us and across the globe.

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