I Pledge To Be – 2014



Over the last few years, I’ve been trying to make my classroom a more collaborative space. I always felt a bit like my class rules (valuable though they may be) lacked a degree of meaning for my students. After all, the rules were handed to them without consultation or any input whatsoever. With that in mind, last year I got rid of my traditional ‘classroom rules’ and had my students take a pledge.  I asked my students to list the qualities they and their peers should demonstrate to make our classroom a safe and successful place. We consolidated those characteristics into a list and the students stood and pledged to do their best to display those qualities at all times.  They then made word art to place on the wall as a reminder of the pledge they had taken.


 I also took a pledge. I asked my students what qualities they needed from a teacher to help them feel like they could take chances, feel safe, and make the most of their year. I took those words and made a pledge which I recited in class. This year, I wanted to do something that really showed my students how seriously I took their needs from me as an educator. So, with the help of my wife (the amazingly talented Karen), I made a short video to show them that I would also try to be my best this year.



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